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This is where you'll find my unfinished projects. Some of them will have demos, so give them a go ( ゚▽゚)/



oh shit!

A game based on Franz Kafka's "The Trial".
Well, not really. But the premise is!
In this game, you wander around a strange land
and figure out why you're there. It has silly humor
and is very much a stream of conciousness thing.
Making up and implementing puzzles is a lot of fun.
The gameplay is mostly puzzles, but boss battles
are similar to Shin Megami Tensei's "talk" system.
All the music and art is by me. The music was composed
with Bosca Ceoil:
You can listen to the music over at my soundcloud:
Right now, the demo covers 3 areas of the game.

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre: puzzle/adventure
Length: 30mins-1hr
Date Started: August 2015
Last Updated: 22/02/2016
Demo?: Yes!




A game about hunting. The name is not final.
This was a really fun one. It has an extensive custom
battle UI
and a system based around sneaking
up on weird animals and killing them before they
run away/gore you. I'm currently not working
on it because it's a jumble of ideas and I'm not
sure what I'm doing with it. It would be a sad, sad,
shame to completely abandon it. I put a lot of work
into it and the idea still interests me.
The graphics are by me (2cool4skool NES style) but
the music is from Legend of Heroes. The demo is
a tech demo, rather than a taste of the full game.

Engine: RPG Maker MV
Genre: Turn based hunting RPG
Length: 10mins or so
Date Started: Nov 2015
Last Updated: 01/11/2015
Demo?: Yes!



Reverse Quest

This is a game I have come back to a ton of times.
The basic premise is that you're a henchman for
an evil Darklord (who is called Darklord) and you're
helping him take over the world. You're helped by
a reanimated skeleton, a kobold/werewolf and a
dullahan. Along the way you meet another darklord
and many hijinks.
It's a typical JRPG, but with semi-non linear
progression. I have made a demo for it, but I
have not worked on it for some time.
I really like the characters and idea though, so I
don't consider it abandoned. I'm not even sure
I have the project file anymore, so consider the
demo more of a showcase of ideas, than anything
The graphics are from the DS resource pack and the
music is by Gyrowolf.

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre: Turn Based RPG
Length: 20-40mins
Date Started: 26/03/2013 (!)
Last Updated: 02/19/2014
Demo?: Yes!



Space Town 

For a while, I had this urge to make a town building game.
I was also playing Phantasy Star 4 at the time, so it ended
up being sci-fi.

The setting was a space station and the idea was that
you'd explore planets and recruit townsfolk. Then you'd
have to prepare your town space ship for a climatic resolution.
I don't know what that resolution was meant to be,
but that was the basic gist of it. I kinda still like this idea
but somehow lost interest. I made a full system for building
and maintaining a town (including a day and night system),
made the start of a tileset (some of which was recycled for
"Hunting") and soundtrack. I'm proud of the stuff I built
and would like to go back to the sci-fi setting at some point.
You can find the sound track on my soundcloud posted above,
or in the About section of this site. Unfortunately I don't
have a demo to show off. But in the future? Who knows?

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Genre: Town Building RPG
Length: N/A
Date Started: 19/2/2015
Last Updated: ??/??/2015
Demo?: Nope.

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